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These components are free and contain complete source code.

ALMailSlot (v1.06)
This component allows applications to send messages across a network using mailslots. Single or multiple lines of text can be sent to and from the specified mailbox on a machine. (Example source included.)

ALScreenSnap (v1.02)
This component will make a form snap to the edges of the screen when dragged and released. The snap threshold (in pixels) can also be set.

ALScollingText (v1.03)
This control displays a horizontal scrolling text message from either left to right, or right to left. Any speed and pixel jump can be set. It can also fade the text off on the edges to a specified width.

ALProgressBar (v1.05)
This control is an enhanced progress bar. It allows you to tile a bitmap on the bar, add various color blending effects and change the progress direction.

ALStatusBar (v1.0)
This is a really simple status bar control that will allow other controls to be inserted into it.