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  • Simple & Easy To Use
    Creating and printing invoices has never been this easy. The uncluttered and straight-forward interface allows you to effortlessly generate professional invoices with no fuss.

  • Manage Payments
    Handy Invoice allows you to do full or part payments on invoices. These payments can be later viewed or undone via the payment history. You can even associate one single payment with multiple invoices.

  • Receipts
    Once an invoice is fully paid it automatically becomes a receipt. Receipts are listed in a different tab and your outstanding or unpaid invoices are viewed separately so you always know what's owing.

  • Clients Database
    Handy Invoice allows you to enter your client's details into a clients database. Whenever you wish to create an invoice, you can simply insert their details without retyping it every time.

  • Products Database
    If your business sells products, you can insert them into Handy Invoice, allowing you to easily create invoices that automatically calculate the pricing based off the number of units sold.

  • Emailing Invoices
    You can easily email any invoice to a client. Handy Invoice will automatically create a PDF document of your invoice and attach it to a new email in Outlook (or any other email application you use).

  • Searching For Invoices
    Finding old invoices is very simple and powerful. You can search by invoice number, client details, date, order number or item. You can also search backwards or forwards through your invoices.

  • Printing & Previewing
    Your invoices can be printed using any connected printer at the click of a button. Also, you can preview your invoice before you decide to print it or simply save it as a PDF document.

  • Customise Your Invoice
    Your invoice can be customised with various options including the ability to edit your invoice header where you can insert a company logo and any other details.