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  • Simple & easy to use
    No other LAN messenger is as simple to use as Yak!. Makes communicating over a LAN a breeze with it's easy to use interface.

  • File transfer
    With Yak! you can easily send files with your messages to other users. Simply press the attach-files button and select the files you wish to send, or drag them from explorer into the message area.

  • Sounds on message receipt
    You can configure Yak! to play .wav sound files when you receive normal and urgent messages.

  • User grouping
    Users can be selected and added to custom groups. This can save you time searching for users whom you regularly chat to.

  • Icon tray placement
    When minimized, Yak! hides itself away in the Windows icon tray, away from other running applications.

  • Encrypted messages
    Yak! uses strong encryption (TwoFish) to scramble your messages so that prying eyes cannot read them.

  • URL & email highlighting
    All the URL and email addresses you send will be automatically highlighted so your recipient can easily click on the highlighted link and open it.

  • Message header user selection
    You can easily click on the header of messages and select all the users associated with that message. This is very useful for messages sent to multiple users as it saves time rather than manually selecting them from the list.

  • Requires no server
    Yak! automatically detects all other instances of itself running on the network. It does not require a dedicated server to run.

  • Smilies in messages
    You can add graphical smilie faces to your messages so can you can show your emotions.

  • Background bitmaps
    You can insert bitmaps onto the background of Yak! to enhance the look.

  • Save your messages to file
    Yak! can be configured to store your message log into a file if you wish to record a chat session.

  • Message popup alerts
    If you don't want to be annoyed by the main window continually popping up and grabbing focus, Yak! can display any received messages in a popup window. This appears above all other windows but does not steal focus.

  • User information hints
    Get details of each user quickly by simply holding the mouse cursor over their username.

  • Interface style
    You can alter the interface of Yak! to either a bright or dark style. Fonts can also be configured.

  • Configuration options
    There are lots of various configuartion options available to the user. You can have Yak! behave to suit your working style.

  • Urgent messages
    You can send urgent messages to users. Urgent messages can be configured to make Yak! behave differently to normal messages.

  • Blocking of users
    Any annoying users can easily be blocked by you. This means that none of the messages they try to send to you will get through.